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Need Help?

The Society provides any form of help that alleviates suffering or deprivation and promotes human dignity and personal integrity in all their dimensions.


We help in the local community by:

  • Supporting local families under stress

  • Providing material assistance to those in need – transport, food, clothing, furniture and white-wear

  • Visiting people in their homes

  • Running a network of centres to support people in need

  • Visiting people in prison and hospital

  • Offering support and friendship

  • Involving youth and young people in Vinnies work

  • Providing budget counselling

  • Organising foodbanks

  • Running mobile food services to the community and schools

  • Supporting migrants to adjust to life in a new land

  • Assisting with disaster recovery

Help Us

We help those who need it most


  • Assisting us to assist others is a lasting way to help the most disadvantaged and needy in our community. 

  • We have a nationwide network of workers and helpers who provide practical assistance every day to people in desperate situations. Help is offered to all, regardless of origin, cultural background or religious belief.

  • The Society is a Catholic organisation which recently celebrated over 150 years of compassion and service to the people of New Zealand. Your help will ensure the Society’s vital work of charity and justice continues to thrive.

  • Be assured it will make a huge difference where the need is greatest.

Our Mission

St Vincent de Paul Selwyn (known as Vinnies)


is part of the International Society of St Vincent de Paul. 


With the support of amazing volunteers from local communities around Canterbury, help is given to those in need by:

  • ​Providing food parcels and other practical assistance such as clothing, furniture, home wares, uniforms and stationery;

  • Running three Vinnies shops across our city (Richmond, Papanui and Hornby) selling good quality, low cost donated clothing and home wares whilst raising funds to help people in need;

  • Visiting people in prison and hospital;

  • Involving youth in Vinnies’ work;

  • Providing non-judgemental and supportive community service. 

A key strength of our service is that we deliver support directly to people’s homes, ensuring that people who cannot access transport are not isolated from the help they need. 

About Us



Our Address

St Patrick's Catholic Church

31 Gerald Street

Lincoln 7608

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021 0855 1988

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